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Habitat for Humanity of Durham


Durham Habitat builds new homes, rehabs existing homes and repairs older, owner-occupied homes that have fallen into a state of critical disrepair.  They work in partnership with homeowners-in-progress, volunteers and the community at large to achieve their mission of strengthening the community by providing low-income families with safe, decent and affordable housing.


Since 1985, Habitat for Humanity of Durham has helped nearly 1,500 families achieve their housing goals by:


·    Building and selling more than 450 homes in Durham

·    Repairing more than 500 homes in Durham

·    For every new home completed in Durham, providing funding for a home built internationally

What can Habitat do with the money you raise?

  • $25 - door bell chime & button

  • $50 - mailbox

  • $75 - shutters

  • $100 - kitchen sink

  • $150 - window

  • $200 - front door

  • $375 - light fixtures

  • $500 - landscaping materials

  • $725 - washer & dryer

  • $1,000 - roof shingles


Building Blocks

Durham Habitat is transforming a city block, and with it, the futures of hard-working Durham families.

We are building Plum Street and Morning Glory Avenue into a community of 21 affordable homes, connecting neighbors in a way Durham Habitat never has.

We’re building an equitable vision for Durham where all families can access the improved health, education, and career outcomes that are the benefits of owning a home.

We’re building alongside Durham neighbors as they achieve the dream of homeownership, forever altering the trajectory of future generations. We’ll watch in awe as the children in Habitat homes reach even greater heights.

We’re Building Blocks this spring. Join us as we transform Durham together. We can’t do it alone.

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